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Sideways Author Rex Pickett Names WriteBrain Media for PR

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For Immediate Release: Santa Monica, CA — April 29, 2009– Rex Pickett, the novelist behind the movie Sideways, the film that changed the fortunes of the wine industry worldwide, is pleased to announce that publicity and social media firm WriteBrain Media is now handling his personal brand management, social media and public relations. WriteBrain Media also represents NY Times and USA Today best-selling authors Kevin J. Anderson (co-author, “DUNE” series ) and L.A. Banks (Vampire Huntress series).
“Denise Dorman and her team at WriteBrain Media bring a lot of enthusiasm and energy, something I haven’t had in the past,” said Pickett. “I’m looking forward to working with them.” “Promoting Rex is a labor of love because my team and I genuinely enjoy his writing, and we share the same vision for his forthcoming projects,” added WriteBrain Media founder Denise Dorman.
Pickett, currently working on his next novel for Alfred A. Knopf, is also looking forward to the production of his next script, Repairman, a character-driven, personal triumph story about a coin-operated washing machine repairman, afflicted with fetal alcohol syndrome, who sets an example for those around him with his rigorous honesty and his unselfish devotion to his paralytic mother. For more information, please visit

About Rex Pickett:

Novelist, Screenwriter, Director. A graduate of UCSD in film and writing, Pickett’s up-and-down career was beginning to look like a series of near misses until the stars aligned and director Alexander Payne, handed an unpublished manuscript by his assistant with glowing recommendations, read Sideways on a flight back from the Edinburgh Film Festival. He got off the flight and immediately called his agent and announced that it was going to be his next film. Turned out his next film was the critically-acclaimed About Schmidt. But he couldn’t shake Sideways loose from his mind and it turned out to be his fourth, and most successful, feature film of his career, garnering over 350 awards from sundry critics’ and other awards’ organizations, including five Oscar nominations (it won for Best Adapted Screenplay), two Golden Globes (Best Picture Musical or Comedy and Best Screenplay), six Indie Spirit Awards, five New York Film Critics’ awards, five L.A. film critics’ awards, and too many others to mention. In addition, Pickett’s short script, My Mother Dreams the Satan’s Disciples in New York, directed by Barbara Schock for the AFI, won the 2000 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short. Pickett is also the writer and director of two indie features made in ’80s (California Without End in 1984 and From Hollywood to Deadwood in 1989 — released by Island Pictures). Pickett lives in Santa Monica.

Media Contact:
Denise Dorman, Publicist
WriteBrain Media
Phone 24/7: 630.845.4694

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Daphne Zuniga on New Melrose Place Reboot: “Not going to happen.”

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For Immediate Release: April 28, 2009–Wilmington, NC – Melrose Place fans who were waiting and wondering will have their answer about a potential Daphne Zuniga comeback in the Monday, May 4, 2009 Episode 51 podcast interview at 7 p.m. on Farpoint Media’s with Denise Gideon. Zuniga, who plays Victoria Davis on One Tree Hill, wants no more than a cameo on the new Melrose Place, if asked to return.
“I won’t be a part of this [the new Melrose Place], unless they want to bring me on as a guest. Just for the fun of it. That was a long time ago for me and I am doing so much other stuff, it would feel like going back to the past. I am not interested in going back to where there are all these younger people – who I was 10 years ago. Now I have would have to be their mother, like a mother hen. What, there is going to be a mini-Jo there? It would be like playing the old lady in apartment six. Not going to happen, no, sorry. But we will see how it goes.”
     “Securing an interview with Daphne Zuniga for the One Tree Hill Podcast is another great addition for the podcast,” Gideon said. “It shows the continuing commitment of the podcast to bring quality and timely interviews to the listeners.” Also on the Episode #51 is an “Artist Alley” interview Parachute band member Will Anderson.
For more information, please visit or contact publicist Denise Dorman at

About The One Tree Hill Podcast:
Denise Gideon began podcasting exclusive interviews with One Tree Hill through Farpoint Media on May 20, 2008. Since that time, she has more than 50 interviews with guests ranging from below the line production crew to key characters and top musical guests.

Media Contact:
Denise Dorman/WriteBrain Media
Phone 24/7: 630.845.4694


Long Untold Secrets in a Midwestern Bouvier Household

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My best friend Christina Bouvier grew up in a household that outside observers would characterize as Punk’d-meets-Family Circus. The last kid in my quiet household, I was drawn to their chaos like sex abuse victims to pole dancing. One afternoon, as Christina and I ate our lunch, their chihuahua Squidee came racing past us with goggles made of tinfoil and a cape fashioned from a kitchen towel. Chasing behind him were Squidee’s costume designers, Christina’s brothers Petrov and Johan. It was a typical afternoon at their house. Christina was non-plussed, but I found their world nonpareil – a lively, magical place.

I fondly recall my every encounter with the Midwestern Bouviers, even when I was often the victim of Christina’s three younger brothers’ pranks. I learned early on that…
(a) the boys could pick the lock to any bathroom door
(b) I could never assume my towel and clothing would be awaiting me as I got out of the shower
(c) the blow dryer was probably filled with baby powder
(d) I should always double-check beneath my father’s Chevy pickup for three boys hidden, poised to grab my ankles, especially if it was after dark.

I was forever on the defensive against those three rapscallions – folding my clothes, pre-shower, inside a giant Ziploc and hiding them in the toilet tank. I carried a flashlight in my purse to inspect under my vehicle. Soon I added back bumper inspections to my routine, after the boys decorated it with tin cans on fishing line and a “Just Married” sign.

Try as they might, the Bouviers couldn’t hide their inability to be normal. There was the Sunday they invited the new pastor and his wife to their home. Christina’s brother Petrov, 8, determined that the fully exposed asshole of their German short-haired pointer Marcie was wildly indecent before a man of the cloth. He found masking tape and arranged it in a giant “X,” painstakingly concealing Marcie’s exit wound. As Marcie ran through the front parlor past their hallowed guests, Christina’s parents visibly deflated. They would quietly resign yet another house of God.

Christina’s mom Nan, forever overwhelmed with being an executive’s wife with four kids and a huge home, often asked Christina to help with parenting duties. On one occasion, Petrov refused to get out of the bath after several threats on his young life. Exasperated, Christina trotted out “Your balls are going to turn blue if you don’t get out right now!” She went downstairs to find her mother on her hands and knees, scrubbing the pantry floor. Minutes later, Petrov joined them, clad in just a towel, standing crotch-to-eyeball level before their mother. He pulled back the towel, revealing his family jewels, now coated in Nan’s robin’s egg blue eye shadow. Unaffected, Nan returned to her floor scrubbing and Christina quietly vowed revenge.

And so it went with the Midwestern Bouvier family, a home filled with non-stop shenanigans and hijinks until that fateful day Christina’s father left her mother, directing his time and substantial monies toward a newer, younger version of Nan. And it was through that prism that Christina, her daughter and I watched the HBO film Grey Gardens last weekend, understanding the why and the how of Big Edie and Little Edie Bouvier.

Please Spam This Jackass:

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This was in my mailbox today – I’d love to see this jackass receive SO much mail that his server exploded and burned off his eyebrows:

Good Day
I am MR.David Wilson,Chairman Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP),and British Corporation Limited London I have an amount {£20,000,000} Twenty million GB Pounds Sterling that I will want you to asist me transfer
out of my country. If interested, send me an email so I can give you the full details and I have the deposit document in my possession.
Sincerely yours,
MR.David Wilson.
Chairman (ICEP)London UK

Nick Lachey Featured Guest on One Tree Hill Podcast April 28th

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Nick Lachey Featured Guest April 28th
on Denise Gideon’s OneTree Hill Podcast

April 22, 2009–Wilmington, NC – The hits keep coming for Denise Gideon’s One Tree Hill Podcast, as she shares her interview with Nick Lachey on Tuesday, April 28th at 7 p.m. One Tree Hill fans can listen live at This coveted interview follows Lachey’s April 27th debut appearance on “One Tree Hill,” in the episode that will also feature his song “All in My Head.” According to Gideon, Lachey is scheduled to make more than one appearance on the TV show.

Said Gideon, “I am very excited to bring Nick Lachey to the One Tree Hill Podcast. Nick talks about his guest stint on One Tree Hill and his upcoming album slated for a summer release. This interview with Nick Lachey really pushed the One Tree Hill Podcast to another level.” This interview, Gideon’s 50th podcast, follows on the heels of Gideon’s much-heralded interview with band member Ben Wysocki of The Fray (Podcast Episode 48).

For more information, please visit or contact publicist Denise Dorman at 630.845.4694.

About The One Tree Hill Podcast:
Denise Gideon began podcasting exclusive interviews with One Tree Hill through Farpoint Media on May 20, 2008. Since that time, she has more than 47 interviews with guests ranging from below the line production crew to key characters and top musical guests.

Media Contact:

Denise Dorman/WriteBrain Media
Phone 24/7: 630.845.4694


Buddy TV Announces SAWYER from LOST’s Top 100 Nicknames

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I’m lamenting that I’m lost without ABC’s LOST on a Wednesday, so in keeping the spirit of the show alive on a repeat night, I found this great list on of Sawyer’s snarkiest nicknames for people:

South Park’s “Eat, Pray, Queef” a Gender Issue

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My best friend Pickles Bouvier and I made an interesting discovery this past week – men do not find South Park’s recent episode of “Eat, Pray, Queef” to be humorous. We, on the flip side, have never laughed so hard in our entire lives, and that’s saying a LOT, given our madcap adventures together since 7th grade. So, we ask that all of you gentle readers step inside the WriteBrain Media laboratories, where brilliant scientific minds are at work identifying this bizarre gender issue. Do you or don’t you think that this episode of South Park was funny? Please click here to do my poll: 

We will be publishing the results to this poll here on this Web Blog, so stay tuned…South Park! REPRESENT!

Watch for Exciting News This Week from

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Just a quick briefing – watch for exciting news this week regarding a surprise guest on Denise Gideon’s One Tree Hill Podcast ( by Farpoint Media.  I should have the press release posted by tomorrow.

Why is Denise Posting Press Releases About The Devil’s Candy Store?

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Dear Readers,
Normally when I post items, they are about my clients. The Devil’s Candy Store falls into two categories – I am a co-founder of this company, and I do their publicity/marketing. What is The Devil’s Candy Store, or for the sake of brevity, TDCS? TDCS is a design studio where we creative “Exotic Contraband from Impossible Worlds.” This means we develop collectibles for discerning collectors in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror worlds. Our guiding mantra is to “Do Cool Things with Cool PEOPLE.” TDCS is a group of the most amazing fine artists, concept artists, writers, and creatives – all Diablos in their own unique ways. Most of us can be found yearly at San Diego Comic-Con, if you’d like to observe use diablos behaving in our own wacky habitat. Dive in – the water’s fine!

–Devilishly yours,
Deviled Ham Denise

The Devil’s Candy Store Adds Jason Felix

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For Immediate Release: April 17, 2009

Chicago, IL & San Francisco, CA— The Devil’s Candy Store (TDCS) founders Charlie Athanas and Denise Dorman are pleased to announce the addition of renowned digital artist, Jason Felix, to their design studio. Felix has more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, working in comics, book covers, videogame projects and film.

Said Felix, “It’s a privilege to be within a collective of artists in which each person brings to the table a unique look and original ideas.” Athanas added, “Jason’s vast talents bring a personality and edge that infuses the world-building capabilities of the studio with a strong 21st century sensibility.”

TDCS formed in 2007 to create a virtual design studio intent on developing “Exotic Contraband from Impossible Worlds” for fans in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy markets. To date, the high-end collectibles they’ve developed include a one-of-a-kind, gold-plated and bejeweled “Madame Isis” vampire-killing sword based on NY Times best-selling author L.A. Banks’ Vampire Huntress novels, and a concept art book based on the same 12-volume series.

TDCS artist, Craig Elliott, was honored with a Spectrum Gold Award (art direction by Charlie Athanas) for his painting in the TDCS concept art book, “Exotic Contraband: L.A. Banks’ The Vampire Huntress Legend”, launched at San Diego Comic-Con 2008.

For more information, please contact or visit our Web site,