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PR, Communications & Social Media Job Seekers: Check This Out

In Career, Communications, Denise Dorman, Employment, Facebook, Job Opportunities, LinkedIn, Public Relations, Recruiting, Social Media, Twitter, WriteBrain Media on November 10, 2010 at 5:51 pm

Dear Friends,

Some of you following me work in the same universe as do I – communications and content creation. To that end, a friend from a private online group posted information today about this new niche job board, which I’m sharing with all of you in the event that it helps even one person find work in this tough economy. So here it is– “Hoojobs”:

Hoojobs ( is a niche job board for the public relations, communications, and social media community. We just launched to job-seekers yesterday. Several employers and recruiters have positions posted and it’s growing daily.
Hoojobs features:

– Simple, clean, easy-to-use design.
– A live search tool to quickly find relevant results.
– Job alerts via email or RSS based on keywords or categories.
– Integrated social media tools to allow users to quickly share job leads with their networks via email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
– Real-time job postings – Job posts are only posted for 30 days unless the employer re-posts the position because it is still active. No more out-of-date jobs!
– A niche site marketed solely to communications and marketing professionals resulting in more qualified leads for employers than the large job boards.
– Backing from Paradigm Staffing, a recruiting agency with over a decade of serving the PR and communications industry.

Please visit and let us know what you think! We’re still working on some minor details and will be improving search and the alert features to make it even easier for the job seekers to be notified immediately about opportunities in the field of interest.

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope this helps someone out there find work. If it does, will you please share your story here? Good luck!

Our New Podcast: Wednesday is Comic Book Day!

In Entertainment, LinkedIn, WriteBrain Media on March 26, 2010 at 8:04 pm

Hi Everyone,

Exciting news! My mother’s worst fear has come to light:  Me with a Microphone.  Actually, our new podcast will star Dave Dorman with me as co-host, but we all know who, of the two of us, manages to cram in the most W.P.M.  I used to think “motormouth” was a lingering moniker from my previous career as a TV writer/producer in  motorsports, but I’m realizing it’s not…so much.

The new Dave & Denise Dorman podcast is called “Wednesday is Comic Book Day” through Farpoint Media, owned by friend and client (and former Babylon 5 actor/producer) Jeffrey Willerth. We are relying on the help of producers Michael Mennenga and Denise Gideon to make the production levels ear-worthy. The content of the show will be a fun mash-up of interviews with our wacky cast of pop culture characters, comic book industry writers, publishers, artists, inkers, letterers, pencillers, colorists, retailers, indie guys and the occasional sidebar of something quirky that interests Dave, whether it’s surfing, technology or the latest episode of  TV’s “LOST.”

The podcast will be available via iTunes initially and we will post it here and on Dave’s blog, both of our Twitter accounts, FaceBook & LinkedIn accounts when it’s up.  Hopefully we catch your attention in one of those spaces.

Additionally, I’m so proud of Dave and his friends for their new scholarship offering. They are doing a great thing for some deserving young artist. Their COMIX ACADEMY is offering a full scholarship for their intensive, 6-day course, held in San Diego just prior to San Diego Comic-Con. The purpose of this course is to bring illustrators up to the level of a professional comic book artist, and then introduce them to pro comic book editors and help them get their careers started. As Dave always says, “If only I had this sort of opportunity when I was starting out…”

This weekend Dave will be doing sketches, remarques & signing autographs at the Planet Comic-Con event in Kansas City. I was slated to attend with him, but alas, my videogame project is in its final production throes and I needed to be on site to put those loose ends to bed. I wish I could be there, as it’s a heavy Star Wars-centric show. Dave will be doing a Star Wars panel on  Saturday afternoon; I will pay some lucky prankster $5 to stand up and ask him what Bantha and Ton Ton poo poo smells like…

I’m also finalizing an article for HD Roadie that I think you’ll all find pretty interesting.  I will be sure to post links when the production magazine picks it up.

This has been a great week for reconnecting with old friends, like Mark Voss over at Post Maridian in Chicagoland, a post production house I’ve worked with many times. He’s a terrific, funny and brilliant guy and we’re developing a creative collaboration outside of our everyday corporate work. As I know more, I’ll post more.  My guess? Horror related.

Many thanks to your eyeballs for their time & attention,


Erthbound Entertainment’s New Show AUTO ADDICTION Debuts Tonight on SPEED™ Channel

In Entertainment, LinkedIn, Uncategorized, WriteBrain Media on December 7, 2009 at 6:10 pm

For Immediate Release: Studio City, CA—Monday, December 7, 2009 – Erthbound Entertainment’s pilot episode of the new series “Auto Addiction” debuts tonight on the SPEED™ Channel at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). The show takes a humorous approach to examining what defines today’s car culture. Jeffrey Willerth, president of Erthbound Entertainment, Inc., is the show’s producer, whose lifelong affection for cars is obvious in his new series.

Episode One is hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning automotive columnist Dan Neil, who uses the latest medical equipment to show what happens to our minds and bodies while driving distracted. The show’s description says, “It’s wrong, ridiculous and so dangerous, yet it happens daily on America’s highways…people driving while eating, reading, shaving, yakking on the phone, applying makeup, brushing teeth, changing clothes, using computers, choosing CDs, watching TV and even having sex. Driving distracted is driving reckless and sometimes even ‘wreck full.’ ”

According to Willerth. “We are fast becoming a nation of motoring morons, easily distracted by palm-sized technology and social networking.” He adds, “Imagine the headlines when someone pilots their car 150 miles past Minneapolis because they were fussing with their laptops!”

“Auto Addiction” is available on the SPEED channel tonight, Monday 12/7 8:30pm, Tuesday 12/8 12:30am and 8:30am, Friday 12/11 11:00pm and Sunday 12/13 10:30am.

SPEED™ is the nation’s first and foremost cable television network dedicated to motor sports and the passion for everything automotive. From racing to restoration, motorcycles to movies, SPEED delivers quality programming from the track to the garage. SPEED is home to NASCAR on SPEED and an industry leader in interactive TV, video on demand, mobile initiatives and broadband services. Available to more than 78 million households in North America. – The Online Motorsports Authority.

About Erthbound Entertainment
Erthbound Entertainment, Inc. is the boutique production company currently producing the “Auto Addiction” series for the SPEED Network, and distributing the debut comedy special, “Owen Smith: Anonymous” with the new BBN, Black Broadcasting Network. Recent international productions include a series of luxurious business programming for Europe’s LUXE TV, lifestyle content for RTL Belgium, a special program for the BBC’s “TopGear” host, Jeremy Clarkson and production services on commercial shoots for Rolls-Royce and Verizon.

Media Contact:
Denise Dorman, Publicist
WriteBrain Media
Phone: 630.845.4694
Twitter: @writebrainmedia
Web site:

Sideways Author Rex Pickett Names WriteBrain Media for PR

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For Immediate Release: Santa Monica, CA — April 29, 2009– Rex Pickett, the novelist behind the movie Sideways, the film that changed the fortunes of the wine industry worldwide, is pleased to announce that publicity and social media firm WriteBrain Media is now handling his personal brand management, social media and public relations. WriteBrain Media also represents NY Times and USA Today best-selling authors Kevin J. Anderson (co-author, “DUNE” series ) and L.A. Banks (Vampire Huntress series).
“Denise Dorman and her team at WriteBrain Media bring a lot of enthusiasm and energy, something I haven’t had in the past,” said Pickett. “I’m looking forward to working with them.” “Promoting Rex is a labor of love because my team and I genuinely enjoy his writing, and we share the same vision for his forthcoming projects,” added WriteBrain Media founder Denise Dorman.
Pickett, currently working on his next novel for Alfred A. Knopf, is also looking forward to the production of his next script, Repairman, a character-driven, personal triumph story about a coin-operated washing machine repairman, afflicted with fetal alcohol syndrome, who sets an example for those around him with his rigorous honesty and his unselfish devotion to his paralytic mother. For more information, please visit

About Rex Pickett:

Novelist, Screenwriter, Director. A graduate of UCSD in film and writing, Pickett’s up-and-down career was beginning to look like a series of near misses until the stars aligned and director Alexander Payne, handed an unpublished manuscript by his assistant with glowing recommendations, read Sideways on a flight back from the Edinburgh Film Festival. He got off the flight and immediately called his agent and announced that it was going to be his next film. Turned out his next film was the critically-acclaimed About Schmidt. But he couldn’t shake Sideways loose from his mind and it turned out to be his fourth, and most successful, feature film of his career, garnering over 350 awards from sundry critics’ and other awards’ organizations, including five Oscar nominations (it won for Best Adapted Screenplay), two Golden Globes (Best Picture Musical or Comedy and Best Screenplay), six Indie Spirit Awards, five New York Film Critics’ awards, five L.A. film critics’ awards, and too many others to mention. In addition, Pickett’s short script, My Mother Dreams the Satan’s Disciples in New York, directed by Barbara Schock for the AFI, won the 2000 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short. Pickett is also the writer and director of two indie features made in ’80s (California Without End in 1984 and From Hollywood to Deadwood in 1989 — released by Island Pictures). Pickett lives in Santa Monica.

Media Contact:
Denise Dorman, Publicist
WriteBrain Media
Phone 24/7: 630.845.4694

– # # # –

South Park’s “Eat, Pray, Queef” a Gender Issue

In Entertainment, LinkedIn, South Park, WriteBrain Media on April 18, 2009 at 7:38 pm

My best friend Pickles Bouvier and I made an interesting discovery this past week – men do not find South Park’s recent episode of “Eat, Pray, Queef” to be humorous. We, on the flip side, have never laughed so hard in our entire lives, and that’s saying a LOT, given our madcap adventures together since 7th grade. So, we ask that all of you gentle readers step inside the WriteBrain Media laboratories, where brilliant scientific minds are at work identifying this bizarre gender issue. Do you or don’t you think that this episode of South Park was funny? Please click here to do my poll: 

We will be publishing the results to this poll here on this Web Blog, so stay tuned…South Park! REPRESENT!