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Erthbound Entertainment’s New Show AUTO ADDICTION Debuts Tonight on SPEED™ Channel

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For Immediate Release: Studio City, CA—Monday, December 7, 2009 – Erthbound Entertainment’s pilot episode of the new series “Auto Addiction” debuts tonight on the SPEED™ Channel at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). The show takes a humorous approach to examining what defines today’s car culture. Jeffrey Willerth, president of Erthbound Entertainment, Inc., is the show’s producer, whose lifelong affection for cars is obvious in his new series.

Episode One is hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning automotive columnist Dan Neil, who uses the latest medical equipment to show what happens to our minds and bodies while driving distracted. The show’s description says, “It’s wrong, ridiculous and so dangerous, yet it happens daily on America’s highways…people driving while eating, reading, shaving, yakking on the phone, applying makeup, brushing teeth, changing clothes, using computers, choosing CDs, watching TV and even having sex. Driving distracted is driving reckless and sometimes even ‘wreck full.’ ”

According to Willerth. “We are fast becoming a nation of motoring morons, easily distracted by palm-sized technology and social networking.” He adds, “Imagine the headlines when someone pilots their car 150 miles past Minneapolis because they were fussing with their laptops!”

“Auto Addiction” is available on the SPEED channel tonight, Monday 12/7 8:30pm, Tuesday 12/8 12:30am and 8:30am, Friday 12/11 11:00pm and Sunday 12/13 10:30am.

SPEED™ is the nation’s first and foremost cable television network dedicated to motor sports and the passion for everything automotive. From racing to restoration, motorcycles to movies, SPEED delivers quality programming from the track to the garage. SPEED is home to NASCAR on SPEED and an industry leader in interactive TV, video on demand, mobile initiatives and broadband services. Available to more than 78 million households in North America. – The Online Motorsports Authority.

About Erthbound Entertainment
Erthbound Entertainment, Inc. is the boutique production company currently producing the “Auto Addiction” series for the SPEED Network, and distributing the debut comedy special, “Owen Smith: Anonymous” with the new BBN, Black Broadcasting Network. Recent international productions include a series of luxurious business programming for Europe’s LUXE TV, lifestyle content for RTL Belgium, a special program for the BBC’s “TopGear” host, Jeremy Clarkson and production services on commercial shoots for Rolls-Royce and Verizon.

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America’s #1 Price Comparison Site Now Offers Retailers Affordable Online Stores

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Long Beach, CA—December 2, 2009— As we head into what should be the busiest retail season during a down economy,, the price comparison site that always reveals the lowest prices first for auction sites like eBay, Amazon, Overstock and uBid, is now offering online stores for retailers seeking an affordable solution.

“At this time in our nation’s economy, we are proud to give small businesses a boost with a cost-effective, solid online retail presence,” said H. Sumako,’s President.

The new online stores include:

* A Visa/MasterCard account for less than most people pay for hosting – the lowest price for an online merchant account and shopping cart combo (O.A.C. – certain conditions apply)
* Real-time price comparison alerts – so store owners know when competitors such as eBay and Amazon are offering lower prices on the same product
* An easy-to-use interface allowing retailers unlimited changes to product descriptions and images
* The opportunity for further promotion of stores through our BossBid community forum

For more information, please contact or call (562) 596-3800.

About was inspired by artist and private collector H. Sumako, who tired of the time he wasted in online auction sites, clicking through dozens of pages at a time, trying to find the lowest prices on items. He partnered with computer scientist, Dr. John Lake, who created the algorithms that give its unique buying/selling functionality – showing the lowest prices always, for online retail products.

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Holiday Gifts for Burnt Out Publicists

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If you’re a freelance writer or publicist reading this post, I don’t have to tell YOU…it’s been one helluva year. I think the final straw for me was last week when my BusinessWeek media contact emailed to let me know she was no longer there as of Monday. It’s breaking my heart–and the heart of every publicist I know–to watch our favorite magazines and newspapers bleed personnel like ink.

To that end, I know a lot of frustrated publicists out there fighting the good fight, so tonight I built this online store so that you can all buy each other gallows humor holiday gifts. The store is I will keep adding more products as time goes on, so keep on visiting. If you have specific references you’d like me to make, let me know. This shop is for all of you.

As always, thanks for your time and attention.

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