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Dave Dorman Paints Frank Frazetta Tribute in this Step-By-Step Post (via Dave Dorman)

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My husband’s most recent painting is incredible–real eye candy–so I had to share!

Dave Dorman Paints Frank Frazetta Tribute in this Step-By-Step Post Hi there. I hope everyone had a great holiday season this year. Freaky current events connection alert: I've been on that Sugar Loaf ski lift that snapped recently, with one of my best friends, Phil Burnett, whom you will read about a lot in my new art book. That news story shook me up a little. Like me, Phil is a military brat, and the main protagonist in my Wasted Lands series, Thomas, is named after Phil's son, whom we all lost way too soon. T … Read More

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Ass Wipes Update: A Costly Lesson

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Dear Gentle Readers,

As you may recall, my husband Dave and I are in a friendly–and occasionally heated–disagreement over using wet wipes v. toilet paper. (Reference one of my previous blog entries, which garnered the greatest amount of comments.) Team Dave errs on the side of toilet paper. Team Denise and my loyal apprentice Jack err on the side of spotless, sparkling assholes. This morning, Pat Hickey, our favorite plumber from Platinum Plumbing in Elburn, IL  struck a single-handed blow to Team Denise. Team Dave is now safely and smugly heading toward his victory lap.

Let me just jump back 24 hours to demonstrate for you how weirdly coincidental my life is. I received a surprise $500 check yesterday for a social media consulting job I did.  That check wasn’t supposed to come until 2011. I was out celebrating the surprise check when the sci-fi ring tone on my iPhone announced a call from Team Dave. It seemed that our ejector pump in the bathroom of Dave’s art studio was D.O.A. This meant raw sewage was puddling up onto the floor in his bathroom. I said a silent prayer of thanks we decided to slate tile that floor. First, Dave had to reassure me that it was only OUR raw sewage. The idea of other people’s raw sewage just made me gag. I mentally calculated how many gallons of bleach we had on hand. When I returned home, I realized no amount of fried bacon could mask the toxic stench. It was like getting a “Dutch Oven” from Sasquatch. And Pat the Plumber couldn’t get here until 7 a.m. the next morning. (We did learn that Jewel has buy one, get one free scented candles, if you’re in the market…)

There are four categories  of people that I love, love, love to chew the fat with – nurses, undertakers, law enforcement and plumbers. I know. I’m weird. You don’t have to tell me. So before proffering my check this morning ($438 of my $500)  I made our poor plumber regale me with his Top 10 Tales of the Grotesque. It was pretty damned satisfying stuff. I’ll just share the highlights. There are two things he wanted you, my Gentle Snowflakes, to know:

#1. Ass wipes clog toilets and septic systems. Those fluffy little clouds of unicorn tears were the culprit of our ejector pump’s early retirement. There were only 4 in there, but that was all it took. (None were Dave’s, he might want me to point out.) Pat explained that using the wipes on the first and second floor of our home would be safer, but was still ill advised. He has seen entire septic systems clogged with these wipes. (Naturally, I raced to Google these terms: “safe, biodegradable wet wipes.” Cottonelle brand came up right away, with snazzy marketing speak about all of the testing proving their biodegradability. Dave and Pat remained unmoved by my closing argument.  Even BFF Christina Bouvier chided me that Jack and I had better “man up.”)

#2. You cannot flush tampons. Never, ever. I wish I could tell you the hilarious story Pat shared with me about this, but it’s probably best I don’t. It may have involved an all girls’ school with a head mistress who insisted they had never flushed tampons there…but that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Yours in safer septic systems,




Guest Blog by Ashley Lane: 10 Reputation Management Tools You Need

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Why is it important to monitor your business reputation online? Because it is more important than ever to have online reputation management tools in place to maintain your brand’s good image online before any harm is done.The world is changing for individuals and businesses alike, and much of this is due to the internet and technological advances. Today people can check missed calls, email, Facebook and Twitter accounts all while on their lunch break from their cell phone! Businesses need to be on top of online information, too.

To make monitoring your business brand easier, here are some of the top tools you can use to keep an eye on your brand recognition online.

1. Google Alerts–If you want an email alert every time someone talks about you, your company or the product sign up for Google alerts. This is a free service from Google that tracks blog posts, news stories, groups and even videos for specific mention of the keyword you choose. Choose a relevant word or phrase and then receive timely updates in your email.

2. Technorati–If you are using a blog to promote your brand recognition or products you simply must be on Technorati. This service is also free and monitors your blog for links, which gives you a good idea of how people are reacting to it. You can also sign up for blog alerts which will give you information each time anyone blogs about your brand name.

3. Backtype–Do you want to know what others are saying about your brand on blog comments? Subscribe to Backtype and you will get a good idea of what consumers are saying and how your brand recognition is holding up. You will be able to find, share and follow comments from the web.

4. Board Tracker–Forums and boards are another arena that consumers use to discuss products or brands they have used. There are so many of these online message boards and forums available you would never be able to manually track them all and now you do not have to! Use Boardtracker to monitor your brand recognition in these forums.

5. Jodange–When you want a comprehensive tool that helps you monitor public opinion of your brand, at least online, you want Jodange. This will not only tell you how often your product is being talked about but also how it is ranking with individuals. Track your brand or product name today to discover what the popular opinions are.

6. Trendrr–Opinions and the number of time your brand is mentioned are great but what about when you want to know how you are stacking up against the competition? This is where Trendrr comes into play. You can see easy to read graphs that tell you how your brand recognition is trending at the moment, this service has a free or paid option.

7. Collective Intellect--This monitoring service is one of the few paid services you may want to consider for monitoring your brand. Using a proprietary filter, they claim to offer more credible research. With these filters in place, you will reduce false readings due to noise that is common with other keyword search software.

8. Buzzlogic–Buzzlogic takes monitoring to another level by offering you watch lists that allow you to monitor specific blogs, bloggers and social maps. There are two separate options with this service one for marketers and one for public relations individuals.

9. Trackur–Trackur was created by one of the top names in the field of reputation management, Andy Beal. They offer three different packages depending on your needs and provide tracking on the keywords of your choice.

10. Brands Eye–This service has to be a favorite among bloggers; the fee for this service is merely a $1! This system tracks every mention of your brand and organizes it into a score so that you have an instant idea of how you are doing.

Your Business Reputation Matters! Reputation is everything when it comes to your business, your products or your services. Monitoring tools make it possible to make sure that you can make sure to maintain a good reputation good even in today’s market.

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We Honor You, Star Wars Girl Katie Goldman (via Dave Dorman)

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My hubby Dave sums it up well.

Today my blog honors Katie Goldman, aka Star Wars Girl. As I told my gay friends and followers on the day we all wore purple to honor them, the bullying that occurs over our differences needs to STOP. NOW. Like Katie, my wife is also adopted. My wife is a geek. I've felt the wrath of being different as a kid – I was the painfully shy military brat moving all of the time…always the nerdy new kid in school, drawing comics silently in the back of … Read More

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