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Is It Bad Parenting If I Post a Negative YELP Review on My 11-Year-Old’s New Cleaning Business?

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I’ll admit it. I hate vacuuming. I love the end result, but it’s the journey I object to. I don’t even care if it’s done in the diamond-shaped pattern. I just love it clean.…

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Love’s Quid Pro Quo

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The words of a friend who, while driving through hell, is stepping on the gas. Hard.

G. Joseph

Noir Man Woman Shadow

The temperature was perfect last night.  The bedroom window was open, allowing an intermittent, gentle breeze to breathe a fresh coolness into the room.  The sound of leaves, rustling outside, like a distant round of applause, rose and ebbed with the moving air.  A cloud front was on its way in from the west, right on schedule, which obscured the brightness of the moon as the late night hours dissolved into the early morning leaving a silent, still blackness over everything.  The smell of the air outside foretold the coming of rain but as of yet, there was none.  Only stillness.  Only dark.

These are the early summer nights when sleep should come, like a shroud, and cover us completely yet, for me, it never came.  I waited.  I listened as the chiming of the grandfather clock downstairs announced the passing of another hour but still sleep eluded me.  As…

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The Hidden TRUTH About Comic Book Convention Earnings: For Creators, Have Comic Book Conventions JUMPED THE SHARK?

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A much-needed update, apparently…sigh…

ComicBookWife: My Crazy Comic-Con Life

I’m guessing you’re here because you want to hear all about how Denise Dorman hates cosplayers, n’est-ce pas? Unfortunately for all of the haters still out there perpetuating this myth, that data point remains totally untrue. So…if you’re going to be a hater, read elsewhere. In the words of the great Obi-Wan Kenobi, waving his hand, “There’s nothing to see here.”

So how did this insane myth come to light? On a misleading click-bait headline on Bleeding Cool News in September of 2014. That’s what kicked it all off. And today, two years and 8 months after I wrote that initial article, I’m still getting 200 hits a day on this blog, and having to defend myself to total strangers. One of my best friends, Heather, shared with me that the weekend of C2E2, some of her brother’s cosplay friends verbally accosted her recently at his 40th birthday party, incensed that she was…

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What If…We Had an Online #Comic-Con? Artists & Creators: This Quick Survey is for YOU

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LOOT CRATE: The Bane of My Existence

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ComicBookWife: My Crazy Comic-Con Life

I went to get my cards read by psychic a while back, and I knew she was truly accurate when she said to me, “I’m getting that the decor in your home looks more like a…MAN CAVE?!?” With all of the comic book convention tzotchkes, art, pop culture collections, art books, and work samples Dave Dorman has amassed over his 35-year career, outside of the Smithsonian Institute, there’s no facility existing to properly display all. of. that. shtuff. Oh, wait–there’s Warehouse 13, if only it was real.

So…you can just imagine my reaction when we started getting these LOOT CRATE boxes in the mail every month — it was like a geek menstrual cycle, and equally a pain in my ass. Every time Dave or Jack’s back was turned, I was throwing away these irritating, tiny collectibles into the circular file (which Dave and Jack never seemed to miss) in my attempt to maintain some…

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The Pranks and Hijinks I Am Sorely Missing

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The Pranks and Hijinks I Am Sorely Missing.

An #SDCC2015 Artists Alley Volunteer Friend in Need: Clydene Nee

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An #SDCC2015 Artists Alley Volunteer Friend in Need: Clydene Nee.

#MothersDay 2015: “I Love You Most”

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#MothersDay 2015: “I Love You Most”.

An Open Letter to Jonesy, Our Hairless Cat

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An Open Letter to Jonesy, Our Hairless Cat.

dance it out

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You know you have true friends when they go to this much effort to cheer your day. Thank you, Kelly! xoxoxo


My sweet friend had a really shitty day today, so I decided to cheer her up by expressing myself though finger dance; essentially. In reality, I hijacked random memes from the internet and strung them together. Like this.

When push comes to shove…
Then the next time the ugly people mess with you, just be like…
And remember…

The end.

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