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Daphne Zuniga on New Melrose Place Reboot: “Not going to happen.”

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For Immediate Release: April 28, 2009–Wilmington, NC – Melrose Place fans who were waiting and wondering will have their answer about a potential Daphne Zuniga comeback in the Monday, May 4, 2009 Episode 51 podcast interview at 7 p.m. on Farpoint Media’s with Denise Gideon. Zuniga, who plays Victoria Davis on One Tree Hill, wants no more than a cameo on the new Melrose Place, if asked to return.
“I won’t be a part of this [the new Melrose Place], unless they want to bring me on as a guest. Just for the fun of it. That was a long time ago for me and I am doing so much other stuff, it would feel like going back to the past. I am not interested in going back to where there are all these younger people – who I was 10 years ago. Now I have would have to be their mother, like a mother hen. What, there is going to be a mini-Jo there? It would be like playing the old lady in apartment six. Not going to happen, no, sorry. But we will see how it goes.”
     “Securing an interview with Daphne Zuniga for the One Tree Hill Podcast is another great addition for the podcast,” Gideon said. “It shows the continuing commitment of the podcast to bring quality and timely interviews to the listeners.” Also on the Episode #51 is an “Artist Alley” interview Parachute band member Will Anderson.
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