Denise McDonald Dorman

The Steam Punk Movement Is Only Growing

In Entertainment, Uncategorized, WriteBrain Media on August 10, 2009 at 2:42 pm

Been to lately? Type in Steam Punk – I spent Saturday afternoon perusing the first 120 of 1200 pages of product. (And whomever gets the Airship lamp and the Absinthe necklace, I’m SO jealous).

The Steampunk Meetup at San Diego Comic-Con was so enormous, we couldn’t get in. Dave Dorman, who was looking for inspiration for his Steampunk graphic novel The Wasted Lands had to go after the fact and take photos as people were exiting the meetup. The costumes at San Diego Comic-Con this year were exquisite, and the best they’ve ever been. So were the vendors. One of the best costumers for Steam Punk was Pendragon Costumes ( If you’re checking out gorgeous, well-made Steam Punk gear, check them out. If you’re looking for goggles and felt hats, be sure to check out (where lowest prices always come up FIRST) and look for the entries from – Comic-Con was weak in these products – goggles were $90 and not the quality of those on

If you’re into Steam Punk aesthetic goodness, follow me on Twitter – I’m @writebrainmedia – I’m often posting mine and my The Devil’s Candy Store biz partner Charlie Athanas’ various discoveries from the Steam Punk world.

Thanks for reading!

  1. On behalf of the SteamPunk Artisans on Etsy, Thank you for your kind words!
    I’m captain of the “Steampunk Me” Team on Etsy which is open to all Etsy members who are interested in Steampunk. I also have my own Etsy Shop and create Steampunk jewelry, etc.
    I’ll be sure to look you up on Twitter!

    • Thanks so much for reaching out – I’m @writebrainmedia on Twitter and my husband is @DaveDorman on Twitter – we like to ReTweet all Steampunk items, so please ping us to RT as you need! Will you be at TeslaCon this year? Let us know where you’ll be appearing. We will be at San Diego Comic-Con this year, Booth #4500.

      • Your Welcome!
        I will not be @ TeslaCon.It sounds fabulous, but my Husband and I are working on putting together an Event in So.Cal.
        We will try to get to Comic-Con this Year. If we go we’ll stop by and say Hello!

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