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Why I Think Nationwide Insurance Company’s TV Ads SUCK: When Advertising Is BADvertising

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I’m opening my drawer in the “WTF Were They Thinking?” file.  Exhibit A is the misguided, jack-assed advertising campaign costing Nationwide Insurance millions of dollars. Just call me Addy Oakley –  The World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World campaign is in my crosshairs and my trigger finger is twitchin’ to shoot holes in it.

The insurance industry in general has a long, storied history of low-to-no consumer confidence. Who among us didn’t cheer for the young lawyer outsmarting the sleazy, fly-by-night insurance company in John Grisham’s book (and movie) The Rainmaker? Most folks I know would rather have hot coffee thrown in their face, followed by a lit cigarette and a chaser of muriatic acid, rather than endure an evening with an insurance agent.

So what does Nationwide Insurance (or let’s be clear, their ad agency) do? They take the worst possible stereotype of an insurance agent and make that guy the company’s icon! WTF?!? Why is it that I, the voice of reason, am not sitting in on these pitch meetings?

Take, for example, this ad. Would this guy, who blatantly lies to a naive woman (thanks, guys, for marginalizing women once again with that overdone stereotype…guess you fancy yourselves modern-day Mad Men) about her singing abilities, be someone with whom you’d trust your insurance decisions?!? And how many women do you know (whose careers don’t involve pole dancing) that are willing to meet some strange insurance agent beneath a shady tree in a city park?

Or this ad, in which he schmoozes yet another gullible woman–apparently the only kind willing to meet with smarmy insurance agents–via his faked phone call to corporate, with the pronouncement that he’s changing the company name from Nationwide to Nation Pam to honor her? WTF?!?

News flash: The last thing customers want is to be patronized by yet another dishonest insurance company. We’re already up to our assholes in those alligators. Okay, maybe the last thing customers want is the World’s Smarmiest Spokesperson in the World performing his 3-handed freakazoid shadow puppet show on their wall. Only Jerry Sandusky could freak me out more.

Hurting Small Businesses Can Win $25k Ad Campaign SUM Advertising’s SUMmer Stimulus Contest Offers Hope to Many

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BOCA RATON, FL – July 2, 2009SUM Advertising feels it’s their patriotic duty to help hard-working Americans with small businesses do some advertising – the typical cut-back in a tight economy–so they’re launching the SUMmer Stimulus Contest to help one lucky U.S.-based company win a $25,000 customized marketing campaign. Applicants can simply apply online at
SUM Advertising’s $25,000 prize is tailored to help one small business winner increase leads and generate new sales. They are looking for an existing company with a sound business model and an innovative product or service that needs to be paired with an equally innovative advertising campaign. Applicants must be:

  • Independently owned and operated
  • In business for at least 2 years
  • Generating gross revenues of $1,000,000+ in 2008

SUM Advertising’s owner, Jocelyn Silverman, a serial entrepreneur under age 30 who has seen her share of bumps in the road, says, “We want to help the small businesses caught in the Catch-22 of budget cuts, and being unable to pay for advertising, the very thing they need right now the most.” She adds, “So many Americans have a fantastic U.S.-made product and they just need a little help getting themselves over the hump.”

In today’s economy, advertising is one of the first budget cuts any small business makes. Nielsen reports U.S. advertising is down 12% in Q1. Magazines and newspapers are half their normal size due to companies with waning advertising budgets. BusinessWeek reports big industry companies like Ford have scaled back their advertising by 31%.

The deadline for applying for the SUMmer Stimulus Contest is July 31, 2009 and the winner will be contacted and posted online August 31, 2009.

About SUM Advertising:
We harness creative ideas and strategies to develop results-based marketing campaigns that add value. Unlike a typical advertising agency, we like our clients to think of us as their most valuable marketing partner and trusted business advisor, since we are often willing to share the responsibility for risks, results and rewards.

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