Denise McDonald Dorman


I’m Denise Dorman.  I’ll do my best to sum myself up in one hellaciously long run-on sentence:  I love to laugh, I’m a creative, I’m witty, I’m a writer, a 3 a.m. loyal friend, a great listener, a comedy fan, a voracious reader of fiction, business books and biographies, I have the memory of an elephant with the uncanny ability to recall verbatim conversations from decades ago, I’m an early adopter,  bawdy when I can get away with it, a tennis enthusiast, a Midwesterner, a lover of practical jokes, a wife, a fairly new mother/Digital Mom, a pop culture enthusiast, a collector of diverse people from all walks of life, an unapologetic fan of anything ’80s, and an entrepreneur with unbridled enthusiasm for my clients. My clients’ files share the shelf with chattering teeth, a Whoopie cushion,  fake dog poop, and an autographed photo of the bartender in “The Shining.”

I own WriteBrain Media, a woman-owned full service agency specializing in social media, integrated marketing campaigns, personal branding, public relations, advertising and video production. My diverse roster of clients become evangelists of my work, and most of them want to have a beer with me during and afterward. I usually order the hardened cider–Hormsby’s if it’s available. I also co-own and co-founded The Devil’s Candy Store with partner Charlie Athanas. There we develop “Exotic Contraband from Impossible Worlds.” In layman’s terms, we create high-end collectibles for discrminating fans of products from sci-fi, horror and fantasy worlds.  We often tap on the shoulder of my husband, #1 Star Wars Artist Dave Dorman, who does amazing concept art work for us when he can squeeze us in to his busy schedule.  So…that’s me in a nut shell. Who are you? Do tell…

  1. Add me to the list of unapologetic fan of anything 80’s! However as time goes on I find that some things that never interested me in the 90’s are starting to be fond memories. Can anyone make time and aging stop?

  2. Yay! Love the blog, Denise. – Mike

  3. Your response to my comment on the San Diego Comic Con LinkedIn group carried me like a piece of flotsam over here to your blog. I guess that’s how things work in CyberSpace. Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed surveilling your site! ha ha Difficult to put “me” in a nutshell, so I will say that you can get sometimes up-to-the-minute news of my life at my blog, “A Diary Left Open” – Really enjoyed my visit here! – Patty

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