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Undercover Boss…REALLY?!?

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Imagine you’re earning under $50k a year,  or maybe under $30k. All of the sudden a film crew magically appears to tape you training a new employee in how to, say, clean hotel rooms, shovel shit out of horse stalls at the racetrack, or drive a garbage truck with zero time to take a pee break. Chances are, you’re co-starring in an episode of Undercover Boss. I’ve watched enough episodes to say with confidence, these on-camera CEO trainers may not be in the 39% tax bracket, but it’s no reflection on their I.Q.’s. I secretly hope they’re amping up their tales of woe just to win that promotion or raise they always seem to get at the very happy ending portion of the program. I think they’ve earned it just for willing participation in this  “city mouse-meets-country mouse” reality TV charade.

Oh, what I would give to see my BFF Christina Bouvier in an episode of Undercover Boss, training some C.E.O. in her Midwestern manufacturing plant.  With a straight face, over an Oliver Twistian lunch of water and stale Melba toast, she would spin a yarn so tragically sad that even Donald Trump, tear-soaked silk hankie in hand, would be begging her to move into his carriage house by show’s end. Within a month, she’d be living rent-free in one of his spare penthouse suites. Within six weeks, she’d be telling Trump “You’re fired!” on his own TV program. To quote Gordon Gecko, “Greed is good.”