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Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta: DragonCon Schedule

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2:30 PM: Writer’s Apocalyptic Roundtable
Description: Want a chance to corner your favorite apocalyptic writer and ask them a question? Here is your chance!

4 PM: Dragon*Reading: Kevin J. Anderson Rebecca Moesta
Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Roswell – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

8 PM—party at Max Lager’s brewery (down the street from the Hyatt)


11:30 AM: Dragon*Autograph

1 PM [K] Title: The Hero’s Journey
Description: A discussion of the story arc and the novels. The SW Universe is vast, but the mythology is epic

1 PM [R]: Herding Cats, er…Fictional Characters
Developing exciting characters for your fiction–and how to control them

2:30 PM: Best Sellers: How to Make it Happen

Description: Best Selling authors and editors discuss techniques for writing and marketing a best selling novel.

5:30 PM: CrossPollination: Does Art influence Art?
Description: Does other art – music, painting, sculpture – influence our genre? Should it? How and why or why not?


11 AM signing, The Missing Volume

4 PM: Son of Funny as Hell
Description: A look at humor in horror (or horror in humor).

5:30 PM: Things I Wish Some Pro Had Told Me (Length: 2.5 Hours)

8:30 PM: Writer’s Roundtable: You Name It, We Talk About It

Description: Free-for-all…Almost no topic is taboo for this panel. Come armed with your questions and get straight answers from the pros.


11:30 AM: Last Chance: Ask the Authors

Description: Got any questions you didn’t get answered? Have a nit to pick? Come to a freeforall Q&A with the authors who are staying with us for Monday.

1 PM: Dune Messiah: Frank Herbert’s works in prose and film
Description: A free ranging discussion of Frank Herbert and his influence on the genre.

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