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Audio Publisher Reopens Short Story Submissions

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One of the few audio short story publishers paying authors and narrators

Batavia, Illinois –August 12, 2009 – Audio short story publisher Sniplits is now accepting short story submissions from authors in multiple genres. Its new submissions calendar and guidelines are posted at the Sniplits Authors’ Room.

Sniplits pays authors an advance of between $10 and $100 for fiction that has not been previously published (100 to 9000 words) and authors have the potential to earn up to 50% in royalties. Sniplits, known for its high production quality, is one of the few audio short story publishers to hire professional narrators, primarily drawing them from Chicago theater talent.
Sniplits publishes the stories as MP3 files, which can be listened to on virtually any device that plays digital music, including iPods.

“Sniplits audio short stories are perfectly sized for nearly any pause in the day, from a two-minute wait in line to a 30-minute dog walk to an hour-long commute,” said Sniplits founder and publisher, Anne Stuessy.

The Sniplits Snapshot:

 Audio short stories in most genres (no erotica)
 Stories are professionally narrated and produced
 Formatted as downloadable MP3 files, Sniplits stories are playable on virtually any MP3 player–iPods, Zunes, iPhones, Blackberries, computers, etc.
 Short stories range from just under 2 minutes to about an 1 hour
 Stories retail online for .48 cents to $1.28
 More than 80 published and new authors from 9 countries (all stories are in English)

In addition to offering audio short stories, Sniplits offers Fan Club pages to connect members with its authors. The Fan Clubs enable authors to answer member questions, share news, and link to other stories and books they’ve published. While anyone can shop Sniplits, only Sniplits members can access the Author Fan Clubs. Membership is free and there are no obligations to ever buy a story. Members also receive a free story each week and can post story reviews.

About Sniplits:
Sniplits is privately held and was founded in 2008 by former Motorola communications executive, Anne Stuessy. Sniplits is a member of the Audio Publishing Association and the Independent Book Publishers Association. Sniplits,, and the stylized logo are service marks of Stussi, Inc.

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Stan Bush Endorsing Greg Bennett Guitars

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Los Angeles, CA—August 13, 2009Stan Bush, the Emmy Award-winning singer and songwriter famed for Shia LaBoeuf’s favorite song, Transformers anthem “The Touch,” is now the proud endorsee of Greg Bennett Guitars. His new guitar, The Greg Bennett ROYALE 3, winner of the “Editor’s Pick Award” from Guitar Player Magazine, is now accompanying Bush on all of his upcoming gigs.
“It’s a great honor to endorse and play a guitar with such an amazing tone,” said Bush.
The ROYALE addresses the performance shortcomings of this great design. The sides and center block are made from one piece of wood, creating a more rigid structure for mounting the neck, top and back. The result is uncommon attack and sustain, without sacrificing the rich, full tone, making it more like a solid body with incredible tone, warmth and fullness.
For more information on Stan Bush, please visit and for more information on Greg Bennett Guitars, please visit

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WINDS OF DUNE is 14th Consecutive Bestselling Novel in Sci-Fi Series

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A Winning Streak for THE WINDS OF DUNE
14th Consecutive Bestselling Novel in Sci-Fi Series

In 1976, Frank Herbert’s CHILDREN OF DUNE became the very first genre science fiction novel to hit the New York Times bestseller list. The new novel, THE WINDS OF DUNE (Tor, August), by Herbert’s son Brian and coauthor Kevin J. Anderson, debuts this week on the list, marking the 14th consecutive DUNE novel to be a New York Times bestseller — a winning streak unmatched by any other original science fiction series.

THE WINDS OF DUNE is Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson’s direct sequel to the elder Herbert’s classic DUNE MESSIAH, telling the story of how Lady Jessica, Duncan Idaho, and other familiar characters struggle to hold a turbulent empire together after the disappearance of Paul Muad-Dib.

Frank Herbert published the original novel DUNE in 1965, which won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, the highest accolades in the genre. It is believed to be the best-selling original SF novel of all time and is widely considered to be science fiction’s equivalent to The Lord of the Rings in its importance. Publishers Weekly said of THE WINDS OF DUNE “Fans of the original Dune series will love seeing familiar characters, and the narrative voice smoothly evokes the elder Herbert’s style.” WINDS is the pair’s 10th novel in the series.